How do I set my depth gauges?


By Shadoe Revell January 14, 2019

Prior to setting your depth gauges it’s important to have the correct depth gauge tool. Most Carlton chains have a number stamped on each cutter located on the depth gauge indicating the correct depth gauge setting. If unsure of your Carlton chains depth gauge setting, ask your Carlton saw chain dealer. The following steps will help you correctly set your depth gauges:

1. Use a depth-gauge tool with the correct built-in setting for your chain and check your depth gauges after every third or fourth sharpening.

2. Place the tool on top of your chain so one depth gauge protrudes through the slot in the tool. If the depth gauge extends above the slot, file the depth gauge down level with the top of the tool using a flat file. Never file the depth gauge down enough to exceed the depth gauge setting specified.

Note: Do not attempt to file or alter tops of kickback-reducing bumper tie straps or bumper drive links.


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