Should I do anything special with a new chain?


By Shadoe Revell January 14, 2019

Yes. Taking these few simple steps prior to using it can extend the life of your new chain:

1. If possible, soak the chain in oil to allow oil to penetrate all chain components.

2. Never run any chain on an over-worn drive sprocket, especially a new chain. Replace drive sprocket system after every two chains, or sooner.

3. Adjust chain (see “How tight should I tension my chain?)

4. Run new chain at half throttle for several minutes before doing any cutting; this allows oil to reach all parts of the bar and chain. Let sprocket, bar and chain warm up fully.

5. Stop the motor, let the chain cool, then check and adjust tension.

6. Keep the first several cuts light. Keep extra oil on the bar and chain during these first cuts, and do not apply heavy pressure. Check chain tension often during the first half hour of use.


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